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Cause of Fibroids in Women Symptoms And Treatment.

Fibroids are non cancerous growth that develops in women uterus. Fibroids is common to those women in child bearing age.

Causes of Fibroids.

Hormones progesterone and oestrogen. These are hormones produced by the ovaries and are known to Increase the chances of getting fibroids.

Family history.

Despite the cause of Fibroids not well known, family history has been greatly attributed to the cause of fibroids. If a case of fibroids has ever been reported in your family you stand a high chance of getting fibroids.

Genetic changes.

Studies has shown that most fibroids contain different genes from those that are found in the uterine wall.

Symptoms of Fibroids.

Some of the symptoms of fibroids include:

Prolonged and painful menstrual periods.

Abdominal pain and irregular menstrual periods.

Treatment of fibroids include:

Surgery can be done to remove the Fibroids.

Hormonal suppression. Hormones oestrogen and Progesterone can be suppressed incase found to be the cause of the fibroids.

Sometimes fibroids disappear on their own without treatment.

Timely screening can help reduce the chances of getting anaemia which is caused by lack of enough blood in the body.

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