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If Kenyans Will Fail To Observe Covid-19 protocols Then The Following May Happen Soon

On 1st of May 2021, the president addressed the nation while in the state house as the whole country was celebrating labour day. This is the day that is believed that our fore fathers foght and won the colonial error.

The expectations of kenyans came true after the president eased some restrictions in the country by unlocking the five counties that were found to be the epicentre of the virus and locked. He again allowed hotels, bars and restaurants to resume but strictly under Covid-19 protocols.

The best of it all, he allowed reopening of schools as it was planned earlier by the ministry of education and therefore, students are expected to report in their schools as from 10th May. This was a good news to all parents, teachers and even students. He also allowed churches to reopen but under conditions. Bars are to operate upto 7pm.

In his speech he said that, "The opposite is also possible...," this is how the statement actually mean. Reopening of the country and allowing people to move freely does not mean that corona has ended, therefore, it is time for kenyans to use their common sense and observe all protective and preventive measures as per Covid-19 pandemic demands.

If people will reach at a time and ignore the measures give by the ministry of health then there are high chances of increasing new cases hence an increase in the positivity rate. If at all this would be the case, then there would be no otherwise but to go back to where the country had been. Closure of some areas will be again possible and suspension of other activities will be implemented.

My request to all kenyan citizens is that continue adhering to the Covid-19 protocols for a better tomorrow. Corona is real and the curve has not yet flattened. Kindly share this information and also remember to comment.

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