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Mercy Mwangangi's Message Suffers a Blow Just on Christmas Day

Chief Administrative Secretary of the ministry of health Dr Mercy Mwangangi's message has received a backlash from a section of Kenyans just at the peak of Christmas Day.

The CAS who has been influential in the country from the break out of the Covid-19 pandemic has ensured that Kenyans are kept upto date on the current situation of the virus.

Further she has steered programmes that have been steered to empower the girl child. This is because most of the programmes have been set to ensure that the girl child receives protection from archaic rites.

However despite her impact in the country her message wishing Kenyans Merry Christmas and happy new year has been rejected by some Kenyans.

This is because most Kenyans claim that doctors are suffering while she is wishing others a merry Christmas.

"Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 my fellow Kenyans. Wishing you blessings and joy in the new year." Dr Mercy Mwangangi stated.

Here's a sample of reactions from Kenyans:

Bett Allan: Dr.mercy,all i wish you to know is that clinical officers,and their interns needs their pay..they need to be paid timely so that they csn continue serving kenyans..happy xmass.

Beast: Nothing to merry about... MoH guys can merry. It's been a great year for them.

Peter Nguvu: Pesa kidogo ushaanza kutuita Fellow Kenyans🤣🤣MERRY XMASS TOO DAKTARI🌋🌋

Suleiman: Hope utaolewa soon, if you may allow I can be the bridegroom.

Neok: Hakuna scandal ingine huko?

John Odeny: Are we really your fellow...

Anthony: Doctors salaries .merry Christmas

Balozi Mkenya: Hatuna pesa DR. Mercy

Black: si unigawie pesa ya kemsa

Erickson: Leave aside the Roman celebration and the trade of the marchants, treat doctors in the manner you would like to be treated in order to give better service to the need. You are part of the doctors and if you don't stand for them you are not fit to be a doctor. Sad to loose doctors.

Meanwhile what's your thought on the matter? Do you think CAS Mercy Mwangangi deserves such response from Kenyans? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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