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Bad News To Black Americans After New Research Reveals Why More Get Sick And Die From Covid-19

The New York Times has reported such bad news on the studies that explains why black American and the Hispanics are more likely to get infected with covid-19 and die. From the research or the studies done, the main reason why the black and Hispanics Americans get sick and die is because of they are often exposed to the dangerous virus.

This exposure is a as a result of their social and environmental factors as the experts explains. This research proves that these groups of people does not get sick and die from covid-19 because of innate vulnerability as many could think.

"New studies suggest that Black and Hispanic Americans are more likely to get sick and die from Covid-19 not because of innate vulnerability. Instead, they are more often exposed to the virus because of social and environmental factors, experts said." The New York Times reported.

It is good to know that America is one the most affected country with covid-19 whereby the country has recorded the highest number of infections and deaths in the world. The country has so far recorded 14,773,118 covid-19 cases with 274,071 deaths.

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