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The Health Dangers Of Overweight And Obesity That You Should Take Seriously

Obesity and overweight can be defined as excessive accumulation of body fat that may impair one's health. To determine if someone is overweight or obese, a body mass index (BMI) is used. A BMI is got when you divide one's weight in kilograms by the square of his/her height in meters. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an adult whose BMI is greater than or equal to 25 is deemed overweight. Those whose BMI is greater than or equal to 30 are deemed obese and hence they urgently need to reduce their weight to avoid any likely health complications. According to scientific studies, approximately 1.9 billion adults were overweight or obese in 2016. For children under the age of five, approximately 38.2 million were considered either obese or overweight in 2019.

Health Effects Of Overweight And Obesity

1) High Blood Pressure

If you are overweight, the heart tirelessly works hard to pump blood to all your body parts. In so doing, the veins and arteries are put under constant strain, as a result, they will resist blood flow that will cause your blood pressure to rise. A rise in blood pressure may damage the arteries that supply the brain with oxygen hence one can suffer a stroke.

2) Fatty Liver Disease

When you are obese or overweight, fats gradually accumulate in the liver cells hence causing liver inflammation. If no attention is paid to this condition, proper blood flow to the liver will be affected and this may result in severe liver damage.

3) Type 2 Diabetes

More than half of type 2 diabetes patients are either overweight or obese. Although there are other factors such as age, stress and genetics etc. that can cause diabetes type 2, being overweight is certainly a bigger risk. When you are obese, fatty acids increase rapidly in your body causing insulin resistance. Now, due to insulin resistance, the sugar in your blood constantly increases leading to type 2 diabetes.

4) Heart Failure

Heart failure simply means your heart fails to perform due to the high demands placed on it. When you are obese or overweight, your heart has to do extra work of pumping blood to all parts of the body. By doing so, there will be an increase in blood pressure which is a common cause of heart injury.

5) Increases Risks To Certain Types Of Cancers

According to studies from the American cancer society, being overweight is a cause of 11% of cancers in women and approximately 5% of cancers in men in the USA. Cancers that are linked to obesity are breast cancer, colon cancer, kidney cancer, stomach cancer, ovarian cancer, and oesophagus cancer etc.

 If you are overweight or obese, I implore you to try as much as possible to cut your weight because you are at risk of suffering numerous lifestyle diseases. Leave your comments below if you have found this article informative. Do not forget to share this article with your loved ones after reading it. Finally, consider following me on this channel by clicking on the word follow at the top right corner of your screen.

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