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A New Zoonotic Virus Breakout In China Raises Eyebrows Worldwide

Since the emergence of COVID-19, zoonotic viruses have raised eyebrows worldwide. Well, it seems like diseases associated with animals are on a new launch.

Back in eastern china, scientists have tracked a new animal derived virus known as Lay V (Langya henipavirus) in 35 people, according to reports by Global times media. The patients are said to have experienced symptoms of fever, fatigue, and coughing.

According to researchers, Lay V virus is predominant more in mole like creatures known as shrews. Although there is no concrete evidence, the individuals are thought to have contracted the virus from these animals.

Reports from one of the researchers, Wang linfa from Duke-Nus medical school, claims that the infection is not fatal and therefore no need to panic.

Researchers from the United States said that it is important for people to be cautious, since most of the newly emerging infections come from animals.

United Nations on another report warned that the world may see more it these infections with increased exploitation of wildlife and climate change.

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