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What Would Happen to Our Body If We Didn't Have Nails

Your fine motor skills would be a huge challenge

Claws have their own advantage like digging, climbing and scratching. Fingernails are not that different from claws, they make it possible for us to pick small object from the surface, scratch or even separate books and pages. The nails might seem like they play no part in most of these activities but beneath the shell there is a very well connected network of nerves

You would become more sensitive to injuries

Our toes are very sensitive especially at the top; some of us have learned this the hard way after stubbing them. Without the nails, we could feel more pain after hitting an object with our toes; sometimes the nails prevent us from having such accidents. We all have these protective nails on top of our toes which make them less vulnerable to injury.

You would be deprived of a very important signaling organ

Various changes in our body are linked to various things like illness or even health. Changes in nails might reveal a certain health condition. Without them, it would be difficult to determine if we are ill, for example, peeling nails might indicate one is suffering from iron deficiency in their body and horizontal ridges show that you don't have enough zinc in your body. This would be very difficult to tell if we had no nails

You might have issues with your health

If we had no finger nails, virus and bacteria would easily find their way into our bodies, so it is correct to assume that nails protect us from getting ill from those disease caused by virus and bacteria. On the same point, bacteria can be trapped in our nails especially if they are long, so this could make us ill. It is very important to make sure our nails are always clean or we shorten them

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