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Why You Constantly Have A Cold Nose

Even in warm environments,it's possible to experience having a cold maybe a sign that when this happens,that your needs some extra attention.It turns out that having a chilly nose could actually be more than just an aversion to cooler temperatures.the temperature of your brain could actually indicate how much strain your brain is of the most reason people experience a cold nose is poor circulation which often result from health are some reasons to why you always experience a cold nose.

Poor blood flow

An outer part of the human nose are composed of mostly cartilage tissue covered by a relatively the layer of skin and minimal amounts of insulating fat,so the nose becomes cold much more easily than the legs or belly.the body tries to conserve heat when you stay in a room with a low temperature for a long time by reducing the flow of blood from the extremities and redirecting it to vital organs in the body.You might also note that your nose would be the first thing to get cold,because this body doesn't have a lot of fat.


Emotional stress could be a trigger for the phenomenon of Raynaud,which for a period of time causes blood vessels in our extremities to narrow a particular area like the nose,this could result in coldness or numbness and could last anywhere from a few minutes to hours.stress triggers the brain to send messages to the hypothalamus gland,which in turn releases hormones into the central nervous system,which controls such things as breathing,heartbeat and digestion.for immediatr threats,it releases adrenaline which triggers the heart to beat faster,your muscle to tense and your breathing to quicken.

Your hormones are Imbalanced

Your body metabolism may become slow when you don't produce enough thyroid hormones.having a sluggish metabolism would save heat and nutrients for your body and may contribute to less heat,travelling to the extremities such as nose.

You can treat a cold nose and keep it warm by drinking a hot beverage like tea or can get the steam from the mug to warm your nose.heat water to a pleasant temperature,not boiling to prevent burning yourself.also if you are going outside in the cold and exposed to frigid temperatures,make sure to wrap up including your nose.

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