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What You Should Know About The Indian Covid-19 Variant Detected In Kenya

On Wednesday, May 5, 2021, Kenya announced the detection of the Indian Covid-19 Variant following the several tests done on workers at a sugar firm in Kisumu. It was said that 18 Indian's who arrived in the country via Jomo Kenyatta International Airport tested positive on the antigen test done on them.

Covid-19 it's a virus that mutates from one place to another. There are over 1000 covid-19 variants across the world and every virus make copies of itself to survive i.e U.K variant, India variant, Brazil variant, South Africa variant etc. Just like in India, there is no a clear evidence whether the India variant (B.1.167) it's the one responsible for the current surge in cases in India. India it's losing more than 3000 people everyday as hospital's go without beds and oxygen supply.

According to scientists, some changes can make a virus more infectious and can overwhelm past vaccinations. That is why some variants like that of India are being detected in different places but it is not becoming fatal like the way it is in India. Scientists are still worrying about these mutations but according to them, the vaccines available like Atta Zeneca can still work against these mutations.

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