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Healthy Food Choices That Will Help Boost Immunity Of People Living With HIV.

Most people think healthy eating refers to eating expensive foods in big restaurants. However this is not the case. Basically eating healthy refers to eating a balanced diet.

A balanced diet comprises of Vitamins which mostly comprises of fruits and vegetables. A balanced diet will also contain proteins which are body building foods. Proteins may either be plant proteins which include beans, green grams, peas, and many more legumes. Proteins can also be acquired from animals. All animal meat and animal products such as milk and eggs give our bodies proteins.

The last component of a balanced diet include carbohydrates which are basically energy giving foods. All starches such as Flour, cereals, rice, white and potatoes are rich in carbohydrates.

Basically eating healthy means eating food from all the food groups. Make sure you eat two different fruits in a day. Below are some examples of healthy foods that nutritionists advocate for.

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