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Skin Care

Healthy Benefits Of Landana Camara Leaves To Our Bodies.

1.Alleviating Multiple Skin Disorders

The potent herb can be topically applied to alleviate various common skin disorders, especially measles, chicken pox, scabies and skin fungus. There are scientific findings that indicate that Lantana Camara can be used to heal wounds due to its fast-acting antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.

2.Alleviating Pain

Lantana Camara can be used to alleviate various types of pain. The natural herbal remedy is so effective in alleviating pain that it was traditionally used to treat snakebites when directly applied on the affected area. This herb can also be topically applied to soothe insect stings and bites.

3.Improving Digestive System Health

The potent natural herbal remedy can also be taken to improve overall digestive system health. L. Camara contains powerful antimicrobial compounds that can be used to get rid of any harmful bacteria that can be found in the stomach. Apart from that, this amazing natural herbal remedy can also be used to alleviate multiple stomach disorders. Including bloating, indigestion, stomachache, diarrhea, and ulcers just to name a few.

Multiple animal laboratory studies prove that the herb can be used to reduce ulcer development. It is, however, important to note that these tests have only been carried out on rat specimens. Hence; further research is required to demonstrate this property in humans.

4.Addressing Multiple Respiratory Issues

The Lantana Camara herb can be used to alleviate various common respiratory issues. The tea made from the leaves of the potent herbal remedy provides an almost immediate relief from coughs colds and flu.  Taking a decoction that has been made from the dried flowers of the L. Camara plant has been shown to cure pulmonary tuberculosis.

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