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Message From Psychologist Benjamin Zulu Speaking On Effects Of Being Addicted

You don't get addicted to people or things or habits; you get addicted to filling the void within yourself with things other than your own love and compassion.

You get hooked on escaping uncomfortable feelings by administering into your systems things that bring a temporary euphoria and a fleeting calm.

Cravings are nothing but an urge to repeat what you've been doing. To get out of the loop, don't look for magic. You have to do what you needed to have done when the first craving came; deny it, divert your mind to other beneficial activities, and let the feeling pass unattended.

If the substance is a narcotic or something that has deposited chemicals into your systems, get detox and medical assistance. But know for a fact that to turn around will begin with a decision to acknowledge and address the empmptiness you feel instead of trying to deny it.

What if I told you that all the rebuffs and rejections you suffered had nothing to do with your personal worth as you thought, but everything to do with your compatibility with those other people?

Rest assured of this: some day all the love you've given to the wrong people will come back to you in the form of a person who has waited all their life for someone like you.

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Benjamin Zulu


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