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5 Foods You Should Not Eat When Taking Drugs To Protect Your Health

There are many types of sicknesses that exists today and each of these medical condition have drugs used for treating them or, keeping such conditions in check.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware that, what they eat and drink goes a long way in determining whether their medications will be effective or not.

Some of the things we eat can even make the drugs we take too effective which can be dangerous.

Here Are Five Foods You Should Avoid When Taking Drugs To Protect Your Health

1. Grape Fruit: grape is a citrus fruit which has the capacity to either, affect the effectiveness of your medication or, make them too effective. Grape alters the way some of the cells in your digestive system take in, and transports drugs through your body.

It can make some drugs like, the ones used to lower cholesterol too effective which is dangerous and. It can also make some drugs like, the ones used to treat allergies ineffective.

2. Milk: after taking a bitter pill, some people usually take a pinch of milk to quell the bitter taste the pill left in their mouth without knowing that, taking milk can affect the effectiveness of the drug they have just taken.

Milk contains, calcium, certain minerals, casein protein and magnesium that makes it difficult for the body to process drugs like, antibiotics.

3. Chocolate: chocolates especially, dark chocolate can lessen the effectiveness of some drugs and increase the potency of other drugs. For example, chocolate renders sleeping pills ineffective and it can increase the effectiveness of stimulants drugs, and antidepressants.

Do not take chocolate if you are on antidepressants because, the combination can increase your blood pressure to fetal levels.

4. Alcohol: mixing alcohol and drugs is very dangerous idea. Alcohol can render some drugs like, the ones used to treat hypertension and heart diseases useless which is dangerous.

Alcohol can also make some drugs too strong. But the worst thing is that, mixing these compounds can cause life threatening side effects.

5. Coffee: ordinarily, coffee is very good for the health but it is best to avoid them when you are on certain drugs. For example, it can lessen the effectiveness of drugs used to treat psychotic problems like lithium.

It can also, increase the strength and side effects of other drugs like, aspirin.

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