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Tips on How to Reduce Back Pain While Driving

Although driving is a convenient transport system, it has an effect on your health. Long commutes may cause back pain, stress or even weight gain. When you need to avoid these problems, you should make some changes on how to drive.

Keep the Distance from the wheel

Your back should be on the back seat. Keep your hands on the wheel. If you sit too far, you can stress your lumbar spine, neck, shoulder, and wrists. When the elbows are at less than 60 degree angle means you are sitting too close. You should sit in a comfortable position by pulling your seat backward and forward. The arms should form an angle of about 120°.

Place your hands on the wheel correctly

You should grip the steering wheel at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions. This will make elbows to be on the armrests, thus preventing upper back pain. When you have shoulder and neck problems, the 4 o’clock and 7 o’clock positions are the best for you. Remember to grip the wheel with your fingers and fingertips. This will automatically help you to avoid fatigue. You should always keep both hands on the wheel, because one hand can cause discomfort.

Do not recline the back of the seat to be too far

When driving you should sit in a fully upright position. The back of seat should recline until your lower back feel less discomfort. Remember the back seat should not be too far, because you need to clearly the road.

Adjust the seat height

You should make sure your seat is in the lower position. Start to raise the seat slowly. You should continue raising it unti the front edge of the seat touches the back of your thighs. Your knees should not touch the bottom of the seat, because it may affect the blood circulation. When the seat is too high, the blood may be affected. The knees should as high as your hips.

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