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10 Tricks Used By The Military That You Can Use To Make Your Life Easier

1. Taping your feet using a duct

This is another military secret that is very helpful when it comes to preventing blisters which is very common when one wears very tight shoes or they are required to run for a long time. Taping your feet with blisters will prevent any sort of blisters or hot spots incase you are long distance runner. One is just required to tape the feet especially to the areas of the feet in contact with the shoes.

2. Pads can be used to cover wounds to prevent bleeding

There are emergency cases where action has to be taken or else the worst may happen. This is one few military Hacks that works perfectly well. A sanitary pad can be used instead of a bandage and one is only required to cover the with the pad and bind it with a duct for sometime and the bleeding with stop.

3. Powder can be used to cover wounds

This is another military trick that is very essential in terms of emergencies that subject an individual to open wounds. When you put powder on the wound, the sugar in the powder will prevent the bacterias in the wound from multiplying. This is the first necessary precaution before you seek further help.

4. Tight pants can be worn under any garments

Most of us actually think that tight pants should only be worn when on your workout or running but it can be worn under any fashion. You can wear tights under your suit or any dress and nobody will even notice. The reason for doing this is to keep your body warm incase the temperature is very low.

5. Making your shoes to shine like diamonds

Ever looked at the shoes of soldiers and you've probably wondered how they brush their shoes. The soldiers and the military do it different and that is why there shoes always shine. The secret is simply to apply the shoe polish on the shoes and place it under the sun for sometime like 10 minutes. After that use a wet cloth to wipe the the shoe and brush the shoes again and see how spackling your shoes will turn out to be.

6. Easy way of starting a fire while camping

Have you ever been to a camping site and you want to start a fire and you find it very difficult. Probably the leaves are very wet and there are no papers to even light the fire. One of the military tricks is the use of Vaseline and cotton wool. What you simply do is is to apply the Vaseline on the cotton and use it to light your fire.

7. If you notice you are being followed

Ever been on a street walking or in your car driving and then you get the impression that someone is following you? There is a simple military way to ascertain this whether you are walking or in your car driving. Make four turns consecutively and one after another and you will clearly know whether or not you're being followed. If the person makes the same consecutive turns, then it becomes very clear that you are their target and you can take the necessary precaution of either calling 999 or confronting the person in the public.

8.The military way of making your bed neat

As simple as making your bed is, it is a very important activity in the military and the soldiers are supposed to ensure that the bed is neat and they have a military way of doing it. For your bed to look nice and well made, ensure you fold the sides of your bed sheet and tuck it into the bed, also fold the foot part of the sheet and tuck it in and your bed will look spick and span.

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