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It Could Be Covid-19 If You Have Experienced a High Fever Among Other Signs

Covid-19 was initially confirmed in Wuhan City in China in 2019 November. The deadly disease led to thousands of Chinese people dying. It later spread to other regions of the world. As of now, data from Johns Hopkins University discloses that nearly 226,848,211 million people have been confirmed infected globally with roughly 4.6 million deaths.

Numerous countries are trying hard to prevent its spread. The United States of America is leading with the massive number of cases and fatalities.

One thing that we all know is that the Covid-19 virus had affected people in different ways. Sometimes individuals who have contracted it can have a mild illness but they regain it without visiting hospitals.

See some of the common symptoms include,

Dry cough.

Feeling exhausted.


Other serious indications include difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath, chest discomfort or pressure, and loss of speech.

What you should understand is that it takes one week for these symptoms to show. Sometimes it can take up to two weeks.

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