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"Please Help Us", Indian Minister Begs The World As Army Plans to Take Over Because of This

Several Indian ministers have taken to their different social media accounts to express their fears and concerns over the rising cases of Covid-19 infections and deaths in India.


According to the reports given by different Indian media houses, it has been reported that the rate of infections is currently rising and despite the fact that citizens have been asked to stay home, most of them are currently outside without wearing any Covid-19 protective gears.

Due to this reason, the government of India has finally declared the current Covid-19 infections a national crisis where they have urged all residents or in other words citizens to make sure they wear their face Mask at all times while visiting public places,failure to this the government has revealed that they are going to arrest and detain citizens who don't abide by this law.

However, while this is happening, Delhi has called upon the government to consider deploying the army in the region due to the increasing number of deaths and rioting citizens in the region where relatives of I'll patients are currently fighting each other over the limited number of beds.

Speaking to a group of journalists from different media houses from India, one of the medical doctors revealed that this was necessary because unlike what was being experienced in other countries, more people were going to die if this continues to happen.

This incident has sparked alot of mixed reactions Indians who seemed to have been confused on why there was an increasing number Covid-19 in the country. With a section of Indians claiming that maybe this was because of the large number of people, others went ahead and called upon the government to start giving supplements to affected families.

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