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What Should Be Done To Counties Which Will Continue To Record High Number Of Covid-19.(Opinion)

Counties which will be found recording high of Covid-19 infections, should not be locked but instead the government should ensure that the residence of that county are vaccinated against Covid-19 infections. This will be of much benefit since locking such counties poses challenges as follows.

The first challenge is that people will be limited from performing their duties as usual such as business activities. The same people are expected to look for their families and other responsibilities. Therefore this will become a burden to many people on how to cope with that situation of total lockdown.

Another challenge is about their mental and physical health. When counties are put under total lockdown, many people become affected both mentally and physically and this is something very dangerous is the lives of such people. Therefore instead of the government putting a total lockdown to such counties, what should be done is to ensure that people get vaccinated in that area then allowed to continue with normal chores as they continue to adhere to all the protocols laid down by the ministry of health.

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