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Five Reasons Why Your Boòbs Pain Apart From Menstruation

Beat pain aka Mastalgia is one of the terrifying things that happens to a woman's body. But apparently boobs can be paining due to some obvious things like menstruation. Before a woman menstruates there are sudden changes that happen in their body that they feel like boob tenderness, menstrual cramps etc. Other reasons could be preganacy especially if your nipples are hurting. Here are more reasons:

1. Mastitis

Mastitis causes infection of the boob tissue which causes abnormal swelling and redness of the boob. Most people who gets Mastitis is the weaning mothers.

2. Fibromas

This is when you find lumps in your boob. It can be terrifying considering the high rise of boob cancer . Apparently it's not cancer sometime the lump is a result of fibromas. Mostly one gets them during the pregnancy period and they are said to shrink on their own after menopause. Their exact cause it's not known yet.

3. Cysts

This is also a lump not cancerous at all. It forms a lump that may be filled with fluid . You may know this since it's a bit painful, boob tenderness, nipple discharge that is clear or even dark brown,the lump is smooth and movable . The lumps are not anything to worry about as it is rarely treated as it's not known to cause any harm.

4. Diet

Sometimes what we eat causes us unnecessary boob pain for example some of those food include; food rich in sodium, caffeine or those with high fat content, others include, peanuts, walnuts,tea, soda,chocolate, salted fries ,read meat sausages etc.

If the pain persistent it's advisable to see a doctor. Follow my page for more updates

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