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Disease prevention and treatment

Diseases that Kill within 24 Hours if Not Treated

1. Meningococcal disease

This is a disease that is spread through saliva and nasal droplets from infected people through sneezing, coughing, sharing drinks and kissing. The symptoms of meningitis are similar to flu and can be easily mistaken. Babies and infants are more prevalent to catching the disease because of their weaker immune system. The disease attacks the meninges or the lining of the brain and spinal cord and a person's response can be significantly compromised. There is a vaccine for meningitis.

2. Fresh eating bug

This bug can quickly sweep through the body eating the body's soft tissue, nerves, fat and vessels causing it to die. This can lead to loses of limbs or life.

3. Stroke

A stroke can occur when a blood vessel bursts or is blocked by a clot in the brain. It shuts off the oxygen supply causing brain damage. Premature heart attacks and strokes are preventable.

4. Cholera

It is an intestinal disease caused by eating contaminated water or food and can kill anyone within hours. Victims suffer diarrhoea and can lead to dehydration and death if not treated urgently.


It is a disease where the bacteria is resistant to many antibiotics. It can infect surgical wounds,blood stream or urinary tract.

6. Enterovirus D68

This virus is spread from the patient's saliva, coughs and sneezes. Asthmatics are at more greater risk of catching this virus. In more serious cases it can cause wheezing and breathing difficulties which can cause death.

7. Bubonic plague

It is caused by a bite or flea from infected small animals like rats. The symptoms are fever, headaches and vomitting.


This virus is transmitted through close contact with blood, secretion organs or bodily fluids from infected animals.

9. Dengue fever

It is spread by an infected mosquito. There is no vaccine available for this disease, protection is recommended.

These diseases can be prevented through vaccines or proper hygiene. Ensure your vaccinations are up to date.

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