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This is How HIV Kills Its Victims

When Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) first gains entry into your body the first thing it does is to multiply itself into larger quantities. The virus informational molecule biologically referred to as RNA (Ribonucleic acid) carries the information that directs the multiplication of the particles.

The virus specifically targets special cells in the body called immune cells. These cells function to protect the body against infections. A special class of immune cells targeted by HIV virus is called the CD4 cells (Cluster of differentiation 4 cells).

Once the HIV multiplies in larger quantities in these cells, it overpowers the other remaining CD4 cells. The overall effect is killing of many CD4 cells and reduced immune resistance level.

When the immunity is lowered in an individual, a person may succumb even to the most basic treatable diseases such as the common flu. Doctors usually prescribe Antiretroviral (ARV) medication to HIV patients to help them boost their immune system. HIV kills by lowering immune system and making victims succumb to diseases.

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