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3 Ways To Cure Your Introvert Hangover

Do you know what an introvert hangover is?

This is a situation where introverts find themselves in, when they lack time to spend themselves in a quiet place to spend their time alone after lot of social stimulation, in order to recharge. 

The probability is one, if you’re an introvert, you’ve been experiencing them your whole life. 

These introvert hangovers usually happen after long time in social stimulation such as talking for long in a crowd. 

If you haven’t had time to recharge with the quiet time, thing that introverts yearn for, then they might experience some uncommon symptoms like:

• They become severely irritable and short-tempered. 

• A complete lack of energy. 

• The inability to make a decision. 

• It gets harder for them to string sentences together.

• They lose all interest in everything around them. 

• They feel anxious and can’t settle down. 

Nevertheless, the introverts hangover, can be cured. Below, is a list of things to do in order to cure this weird feeling as an introvert.

1. Always create personal space and time to all alone in order to recharge after a long exposure to external stimulations.

2. Invite some beauty to yourself. You may actually dim the lights, admire your creativity, lighting some candles or diffusing essential oils.

3. Perform some yoga nidra. Yoga nidra, is the most profound state of relaxation you can reach whilst remaining conscious.

So that’s how I cure my introvert hangover. However, the best cure of the introverts hangover is prevention and best way of taking care of yourself is by taking care of your energy needs. You can do this by:

 Scheduling regular quiet time, daily if possible.

(I) Practising self-care.

(II) Establishing routines and rituals that help you let go of stagnant or negative energy.

Being an introvert is awesome and there is so much about being an introvert. As introverts, we can achieve extraordinary things just as long as we pah attention to what our energy need and taking care of them. Always stay positive and full of energy.

Content created and supplied by: Fasihibrand (via Opera News )


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