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ABS Challenge That Will Change Your Life (30 DAYS RESULTS)

This period we have not been able to visit our gym sessions due to restriction and fear of Corona virus. But don't let that stop you from doing good to your body. All you need is just find a good place because today am going to tell you simple workouts for your ABS, and you can do them anytime anywhere just for twelve minutes.

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Hip Raises

Its a simple workout but very effective for toning the spinal erector muscles of the back, which boost core strength for improved power and performance in every activity you do in your daily life.


The scissors kick exercise works your core muscles, glutes, quads and adductors. Engaging the the core muscles is what allows you to flutter your legs up and down. The core muscles include the rectus abdominis, obliques, transverse and the hip flexures.

Jackknife exercise

This kind of exercise is designed to strengthen your upper and lower abdomen muscles , particularly the transversus abdominis muscles.

Side Plank Raises

Its a simple exercise of which people do assume during their workout sessions. Its beneficial to strengthen three muscle groups at once including the obliques muscles, hips, chest and shoulders. It also helpful in strengthening your core without stressing your back, improving your balance and reducing the risk of back injury. Remember to do it in both sides at equal interval.


Its the perfect exercise to work your rectus abdominis and obliques muscles at the same time. Is the one of the most effective exercise used to loose your belly fat fast.

Russian Twist /Side Twist

As the name suggest this exercise is done while seated and leg raised at 45 degrees and rotating your core. It targets the oblique muscles but also it engages the upper and lower abdominis muscles.


Its good exercise for you core, it largely targets the upper rectus abdominis muscles together with the obliques. it also improves back strength.


the plank strengthens your spine, your rhomboids and trapezius and your abdominal muscles which naturally result i n strong posture as they grow in strength.

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ABS Challenge That Will Change


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