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'We Don't Look Like People With HIV. Stop Discriminating us.' Top HIV Activist Urges Kenyans.

For the longest time People who are HIV Positive have always faced the challenge of stigmatization. Once a person reveals her general status to public, people start separating themselves from the infected person and see him or her as a threat.

Some people even go to the extent of even refusing to share utensils with HIV infected people. People always judge and criticize them. This has instilled so much fear for people living with HIV virus. People living with HIV virus are required to take their ARVs daily. However some people will tend to skip their drugs when they are in public due to fear of stigmatization.

Most HiV Infected people will even skip to take their drugs for fear of the truth been revealed.

However nowadays there are people who are bold enough and they have come out on their social media platforms as HIV Activists. These people also live with the virus and they love to inspire and motivate people living with HIV to be bold and faithful to their ARV regimen.

One activist in Tik Tok has revealed that People should treat each other well as HIV Virus is not reflected on your face. The girl further encouraged people suffering from HIV to love themselves by adhering to the ARVs. See screenshot of the Girl's TikTok Video.

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