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COVID-19: How Likely You Are to Suffer Lingering Symptoms Even if You Are Vaccinated

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Several studies are beginning to show the real extent of post vaccination infections in individuals who are fully vaccinated, and how efficacious the vaccines are at preventing severe illness or death from COVID-19. And as we start to better know how the current vaccines can give us safety from new strains like Delta, there isn’t much information on breakthrough infections and long-term effects of coronavirus. Luckily, a recent study shows how possible it is for fully vaccinated people to suffer long COVID. 

The latest study published in the New England Journal of Medicine majored on a team of 1,497 fully vaccinated healthcare providers in Israel. From the group, 39 post vaccination infections were witnessed, 2.6 percent and most cases only portrayed no or mild symptoms. But the scientists found that seven in 36 healthcare providers, 19 percent, who succeeded by six weeks after their shots still complained of unending symptoms linked with long COVID such as weakness, cough, loss of taste and smell, muscle pain and fatigue. 

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However, the researchers warned against coming up with several conclusions from the findings. Apart from the small sample size, the research itself was meant to test the antibody levels in people with post vaccination infections, not to find the risk of getting long COVID for fully vaccinated individuals. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the findings are the reason enough to continue to be careful to avoid contracting coronavirus.  

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