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“We Are Tired” CS Kagwe Cornered, Asked To Do This Soonest Possible by Columnist Oguda

The Ministry of Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has been cornered by Kenya’s viral columnist Mr. Gabriel Oguda to heed the advice that they were asked to do on matters investment in Disease Prevention and Health Promotion in a bid to help curb and manage future pandemics.

Mr. Oguda said that it was high time for the Ministry of Health to consider establishing the aforementioned, adding that enough money should be channeled into the account hinting that there are tired of the same mistakes that have been reoccurring in the Ministry.

The columnist furthered his stand, saying that they want to see Preventive and Promotive Health being given priority on matters of funding at Afya House.

“Dear, @MOH_Kenya: Now that you’ve been advised to invest more money in Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, we want to see the Department of Preventive and Promotive Health being given priority funding at Afya House. Otherwise, we`re tired of…” said the Columnist, Mr. Oguda.

While referring to the remarks of Dr. Githinji Gitahi, with the latter asking the government to change the narrative by focusing more on a people-centered approach on matters, health, Mr. Oguda said, there was no perfect time for such as it were now.

Dr. Gitahi noted that there should be initiatives that will solve the problem of keeping the sick waiting for hours at the waiting bay before being attended to by the medics.

“We need a health system built to keep people healthy not to wait for the sick. A people-centered people-responsive health system is the HOLY GRAIL of…” said Dr. Gitahi.

The Ministry of Health has been caught in a number of scandals in the past with the most recent being that of the KEMSA scandal that saw Millions that were staged to help the less vulnerable Kenyans disappear a call that triggered mixed reactions across the nation, a reputation Mr. Oguda is against.

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