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More Uses of Cucumbers That You Didn't Know

Cucumbers are the most popular of cucurbitaceae family. Others in this family include bitter melon. Despite their wide spread in the, some people don't really eat this fruit. Cucumbers provide plenty of nutrients. We will be knowing all that below. Welcome.

Kidney stones prevention

Cucumbers have a high content of water. Eating them gives your body enough of water that can eliminate kidney problems that are related when you are dehydrated. On the hydration purpose, it can also prevent constipation. I could recommend gym guys to add cucumbers in their diet, it will be essential in their health.


As this disease may be major treat to our lives, we can at least reduce the chances. Just like their family, cucumbers have a bitter-tasting nutrients known as cucurbutacin. This nutrient prevents cancer cells from reproducing. Remember one type of food can not be the ultimate prevention of cancer. It's advisable to include all other health care.

Bone strength

Bones carry our weights and their is need to keep them stronger every day. Vitamin K which is used in blood coating can also take part in bone formation and strength. According to United States of America Agriculture, 142 grams of chopped unpeeled cucumbers produces 10.2 micro grams of vitamin K. Apart from that they have calcium. Vitamin K helps in the up take of calcium which has several functions, bone formation and even nerve functions.

Skin care

No one wants a spotted skin or a skin that isn't healthy. Instead of applying those skin care products that mostly don't work you can try cucumbers. Our skin health is entirely our daily foods. Applying our skin with sliced cucumbers will cool and soothe the skin. This will reduce irritation and swelling. If you do experience morning puffiness it is advisable to place them on your eyes. Cucumbers also discard sunburn. We will be focusing on the skin health care in our next article. Follow me for more.

Cardiovascular health

Cucumbers are very low in calories,fat, cholesterol and sodium which are key ingredients in poor cardiovascular health. The little fibre found in cucumbers can control cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular problems. Remember that reducing sodium and increasing potassium intake can prevent high blood pressure.

Cucumbers have several benefits. The above discussed are the major ones and because of time we won't cover everything. To achieve our dream health then there are more sacrifices that we need to make. Kindly click on the follow icon above as we will go step by step in living our desired health. Leave your comments below. That's all for today, thank you.

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