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Daily Consumption of Mursilk Can be Harmful to Your Health, See The Side Effects

Fermented milk products are created when milk ferments with specific kinds of bacteria called Lactobacilli or Bifidobacteria. Fermentation means the milk is partially digested by the bacteria. This makes the milk product easier to digest, especially for people who have milk allergies or are lactose-intolerant. Fermented milk is very popular in Kenya among nilotes communities, such as Kalenjin of Rift valley province.

Among the Kalenjin community, the fermented milk which is popularly known as Mursik is produced in specific calabash called sotet.Some days before the milk is treated, a small branch of an tree is debarked and allowed to dry, before it's burned in a fire and then rubbed on the inner surface of a cleaned gourd. This procedure is repeated several times until the gourd is fully coated inside with charcoal dust. The community believes that this process help to reduce the porosity of the gourd and improves the flavour of the Mursik products.Some groups of Kalenjin also add small quantities of blood obtained from prickling a vein in the neck region of a healthy bull, and from which fibrin has been removed by gentle stirring. Addition of blood can impact the microbial metabolism, as iron is an important cofactor for a number of essential cellular processes. A thick bluish layer forms on the surface when mursik is ready. It is shaken well before drinking, to ensure that a uniformly thick emulsion is formed. In some Kalenjin households fermented milk is consumed several times daily.

However, medical research indicate that People take fermented milk are likely to suffer from diarrhea. Diarrhea is caused by a virus or antibiotics present in fermented milk. Daily consumers of Mirsilk are also said to suffer from stomach flu, hay feverarthritis, or asthma, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and many other health conditions.

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