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Early Signs And Symptoms Of Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure is a condition that affects your Kidneys. Kidneys are organs that filter out Waste from your blood. Some of the waste products excreted by the kidneys include Urea and creatinine which comes in form of Urine.

Most of the common warning Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Failure include.

1. Sudden Unexplained Shortness of breath.

2. Feeling Nauseous and you feel like vomiting.

3. Episodes of Fever.

4. Unexplained Swelling of the feet and hands because of fluid retention in tissues.

5. Passing out small amounts of urine even though you are adequately hydrated and you are not sweaty.

6. Feeling pain and pressure on your chest.

7. Lower back pains that are painful.

8. Seizures that come and go.

9. Coma

10. Feeling too tired and constantly feeling fatigued even though you have just done light tasks.

If you experience these symptoms please do not hesitate to go to your doctor for further tests.

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