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Medics Face Challenge In Handling Covid-19 Patients Particularly When Basic Life Support Is Needed

Basic Life Support(BLS) is an initial intervention to a patient who is suffering from a cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest. Its a process that involves a lot of activities to ensure that a resuscitation is successful.

The reason why this process is a challenge to medics is because one has to perform life saving procedures while fully in contact with the patient. It is a professional act to ensure that life is saved.

Some of the activities performed on a patient being resuscitated include chest compression, and offering ventilations to the patient. This points out that one can easily get infected because of inhaling the contaminated air from the patient or because of coming in contact with the patient infected with Covid-19.

Medics are at risk in the event they attend to such a case. Most of the deaths are occurring because of being overwhelmed, resuscitation is not easily done by one responder but at least two, that's why if many cases are available the medics might not be able to attend to all of them, this makes some people to loose their lives

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