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What Will Happen If You Eliminate Salt in Your Diet?

Before you eliminate salt from your diet its good to know its importance in the body.This include

1 It ensures normal functioning of the heart.

2 It helps in muscle contraction 

3 It enhances communication and information processing in nerve cells

4 Stops excessive saliva production

5 Helps regulate sleep

6 Helps absorption of nutrients through intestinal tract and also in and out of the cell

7 It provides the body with a strong natural antihistamine.

Benefits of proper usage of salt will be;

1 There will be a reduction of possible certain diseases 

Excess sodium can cause everything from osteoporosis to hypertension.By having more water in the system,the blood flow increases,which over time can lead to hypertension.On the other hand,if we maintain it over time,salt consumption can lead to weak bones (osteoporosis).By limited usage of salt,our bodies can normalize the water level and blood flow.In addition you will retain more calcium for healthy bones and teeth.

2 Your body will deflate

Excess sodium in our body favours fluid retention and consequently we get bloated.When your body stops recieving excess dosage of sodium,it will begin to expel water and you will feel lighter and less bloated.

3 You will experience endless flavors 

If you stop adding so much salt into your food,you are going to discover that there were other tastes; that were overshadowed by the salt.

4 There will be a reduction of dehydration 

Excess sodium in our blood can cause our body to become dehydrated.If you use the recommended salt, you will move away from this danger.

The recommended amount of salt intake should not be more than 5grams per day (that is maximum and 1.5grams at minimum).Bonus point,there is no silver bullet.The only thing is to keep everything in balance.Reduce salt intake if you pertake of it and follow the recommended doses of sodium.Thank you.

Content created and supplied by: Jonemike (via Opera News )


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