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Skin Care

Recurring Boils How To Treat Them Naturally And Prevent Them From Coming Back

Boil is a skin infection that occurs in the skin of a human being and later can turn the infected area reddish. It causes a tender lump that are so painful and causes discomfort. Boils can occur anywhere in the body but mostly they like to attack a soft spot like in the armpits, buttocks, thighs.

Boils can attack anyone in lifetime but mostly those with a weak immunity will be prone to boils. Although, there are other healthy conditions that will make one prone to boils like peoe with diabetes, HIV/AIDS and those who have poor nutrition, poor hygiene, and obesity etc.

When a boil starts in most cases it begins with a painful reddish and swollen bump on the skin. They typically grow rapidly causing fever and chills. Boils also make a person feel fatigued and unwell.

Well boils can sometimes make you feel weak and sickly but if you have the following then you can seek medical attention.

If the boil stays longer than 2 weeks, no cure after you have tried all the remedies then you can go to the hospital.

You always develop boils in the same area it's not a good thing it might be a sign of a serious infections seek medical attention.

If you feel too much pain in the area or the whole body or strong fever then seek medical attention.

If the boil occurs on the spine or face do not touch it please just talk to your doctor.

There are some home tips to help you prevent boils from coming back.

Always ensure that the affected area is clean and dry to avoid the spread of the infections from one place to another.

Never try to squeeze the boil with dirty hands or when it's not reddish as this may worsen the wound and can cause too much pain.

When trying to compress the boil use a clean cloth deeped in warm water this will help the pus to come out easily without much pain.


To Prevent boils from recurring first of all observe personal hygiene since it is the key to prevent boils. Be clean always and do not share things like towels, razors and deodorants since they may carry infections from one person to another.

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