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Good Bye Smelly Feet! Five Ways To Stop Smelly Feet

Our feet help us to move from one place to another. However they are a subject to pains, pleasure, achs and smells. Now the smelling feets can be one awful experience. That's why many people feel guilty when they are told to remove there shoes. Not only can smelling feets lower your self esteem but also it can your relationship can be damaged. That's why I have dedicated this post to every one with that problem.

Before we dive in deeper in the post, let me educate you. The medical term for smelly feets is Bromodisis. And the cause of these problem is mainly a bacteria that is found on the surface of the feet. The bad odour comes from the waste products of these bacterias. Another reason is accumulation of moisture in our feets. Therefore to remove the bad smell from our foot we need to first eliminate or reduce these two main causes. And to do that you need to follow these guidelines.

1. Always make sure that your shoes have a room for breathability. Also avoid plastic shoes. This helps to reduce accumulation of sweat on your shoes.

2. When wearing socks. Make sure you are wearing the collect type of socks. That is the socks which have an ability to absorb moisture and odors.

3. Alternate your shoes and socks. Never wear the same shoe two consecutive days. This give time for the shoe to dry therefore reducing the bad smell on them.

4. Replace your insoles. Replace the insoles in your shoes with ones that have sweat wicking materials.

5. Use warm water with dissolved salt or ginger when bathing your feet. This helps to kill bacterias on the surface of the foot.

6. Dry your feet after bathing. Especially the part between the toes.

7. Lastly, use anti biotics or antiperspirant if the problem continues. You can visit your local doctor to prescribe a good antibiotics to you.

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