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5 Strange Phobias That Actually Exists In The World

We are all afraid of something, but being scared and having a phobia isn't the same. Phobias are categorized as a persistent fear of an object, person, animal or situation.

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Here are some strange phobias that exist in the world today.

1. Ephebiphobia. This refers to the fear of teenagers or adolescents. Cultural and demographic research indicates most generations of adults harbour mild forms of this phobia, often viewing teens as "out of control."

2. Eisoptrophobia. This is the fear of seeing oneself in the mirror. Studies show that those who suffer from this phobia may experience shame, distress and depression if they so much as look into a mirror.

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3. Globophobia. This is the fear of balloons. Patients who deal with glossophobia often experience their worst fears after becoming a parent since most kids love balloons.

4. Numerophobia. This refers to the fear of numbers. People with a type of phobia are terrified of math, reading a tape measure or doing their taxes.

5. Phobophobia. This is the fear of fear itself. Those who experience phobophobia struggle to function in daily life due to frequent anxiety attacks.

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