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I Feared My Mother Would Not Get a Large Coffin For Me, Says a Lady Who Had Suicidal Thoughts

One woman has left Kenyans surprised after explaining the reason behind her intentions to commit suicide. She however withdrew the thoughts. She says after thinking about it again, she felt that it would be so traumatizing for her mother who could find it hard to get a coffin large enough for her.

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This has since caused uproar among Kenyans who felt that it was very unusual for the woman to have such thoughts. They Expressed their various opinions after her confessions that the size of her body was the main reason why she had wanted to commit suicide.

Notably, sucidie is seen to be a wrongdoing and a transgression in many strict practices. No individual is required to end their life no matter what they are going through. Typically the vice is related to mental turmoil and depression.

The woman presently says that her body could be simply the cause of the mother's tribulations if she died.

In any case, various individuals have diverse body sizes and it has for quite some time been taken as something ordinary to have any body size. Generally, individuals acquire thier parents' look. None should think of suicide because of their body size.

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