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Bad news as All Kenyans should Keep Vigil of New Pandemic

There are many different categories of diseases in the world where others are worse and have no cure HIV and AIDS. Another disease like covid-19 has affected the global and almost all countries were affected as still, the disease is within us.

As the country is on controlling the spread of Coronavirus, another outbreak pandemic has been reported in other countries where more than 80 people have been affected at the moment.

It is a sad to report to all Kenyans that we should keep vigil and active with the people that we interact with. The government has kept tough security at the borders to ensure that the disease does not enter the country.

The reason why Kenyans should be careful is that one person was reported to visit Nigeria the previous day when he was returned to the United Kingdom where the pandemic is high.

The disease attacks the body's skin which turns to have pores that bleed and can lead to death.

Let us be active and report any person with such symptoms of rushes.

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