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The Challenges Of Covid-19 And How To Deal With Them.

By Consolata Lukayu.

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The Covid-19 situation is particularly stressful because its hard to predict how things will develop, and our circumstances are changing rapidly.This can leave feeling powerless. We're no longer in control of our own lives.

The case in many aspects of our lives, there are things we can't control in this situation.These include the actions and reactions of other people, how long the situation will last, and what might happen in the future.

•Our Reaction To Covid-19.

Following the health guidance for our country, staying at home and washing our hands regularly is an important action that we have control over.It allows us to maintain our own well being, while contributing to the safety of our community.

By playing our part,we are helping to slow the spread of virus and protect the most vulnerable in society.

•Limit Your Media Usage.

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The amount of information available about the pandemic can be overwhelming.You may want to stay up to date with new developments, but constant exposure to news and covid-19 related information can make you feel more stressed or anxious.We have to limit our exposure to once or twice for aset period of time.

•Our Thoughts And Worries.

Stress and anxiety are often accompanied by an overactive mind,full of circling thoughts and worries. Writing your thoughts down in a journal is a simple,yet highly effective methods of calming a frantic mind.

Problem solving can also help you to manage your thoughts and allows you to define exactly what are worrying about, and then find the best solution.

•Our Social Connections.

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Social isolation is one of the biggest health challenges we are facing with this crisis.Many people are living alone or away from their support system, which are usually essential well-being boosters in a time of crisis.Lack of physical contact can be extremely difficult for us to cope with.

Use all the tools available for you to stay in regular contact with your friends, family and communities.This period of isolation will end, so use this to strengthen your connections, rather than letting them fade.

•Support Others.

Reaching out could involve sending a card or flowers doing someone's, shopping or calling for a quick catch-up.This is particularly important for people living alone.

Think of people you know who are alone, what small gesture could you make to let them know you're thinking of them?

•Your Self-care.

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You need to look after yourself first,inoder to be there for other people.Eat a health diet, watch out for overeating and over drinking, which are common coping mechanism in time of stress.

Get as much fresh air and daylight as possible.Make sure you are getting enough good quality sleep.Exercise regularly.Spent time doing things you enjoy.its important to give yourself a break and do things that boost your mood.

•Try Something New.

This pandemic,has provided us an opportunity for us to break out of our normal routine and try new things.You could start a new project, try a new recipe,learn a new skill or try a new form of exercise.

•Your Routine.

Creating a new routine can bring structure back into your also breaks up your time and prevent the days from blending into each other.

Try to get up at the usual time, get dressed as you normally would and stick to regular mealtimes.Prioritizing your time will ensure that you make time for the important things, while being realistic about what you can achieve.ln doing this we will get back our country to normal, free from Corona.

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