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Reason Why You Feel Burning Sensation In Your Feet

Assuming you are having consuming sensation in your feet, these are the most probable causes:

1. Diabetes.

In the event that your glucose levels remains high for quite a while, you might start to have nerve harm in little veins in the hands and feet. This will bring about shivering and consuming sensation in the feet.

2 Peripheral neuropathy.

As per WebMD, fringe neuropathy implies nerve harm in the nerves connecting the spinal string with the hands and feet. A few circumstances might make these nerves get harmed, the impact will be consuming sensation in the feet.

3. Overabundance liquor utilization.

On the off chance that you drink a lot of liquor for quite a while it might make your body miss the mark on supplements. This might bring about some shivering and consuming sensation in your feet.

4. Lack of vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 is a significant nutrients that assumes a significant part in keeping our nerves sound. At the point when our body becomes lacking in this nutrients, it might bring about shivering and consuming sensation in the feet.

5. Kidney disappointment.

As per WebMD, Kidney sickness might make poisons stay in our body. This might bring about nerve harm. Individuals experiencing kidney harm might encounter expanding in the legs , shivering and consuming sensation in the legs.

6. Tarsal passage condition.

The passage is between the lower leg bone and a gathering of tendons associated with the highest point of the foot. The tibial nerve inside gives sensation to the lower part of the foot. Expanding from injury, joint inflammation, fallen hurts, or different circumstances could push on the nerve. This may likewise bring about consuming sensation in your feet.


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