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Why You Cry While Cutting Onions And How To Prevent It

In most of our food dishes, we hadly miss onion. It's only a few number of foodstuffs that may not need onions during preparation. Cutting onions therefore becomes like a routine because it's done on daily basis.

Do you always shed tears while cutting onions? What causes your eyes to shed tears? How can you prevent this irritation while chopping the food spice? All this questions are going to be answered in today's article. Read this article to the end for full information.

The cause of irritation while cutting onions

When cut or diced, the cells of an onion emit a gas called syn-Propanethial-S-oxid. The gas is a chemical that irritates. When this happens, the "enzyme" in onion transforms the amino acids into lachrymator chemicals. As a result, Sulfuric acid is produce which in this form irritates the nerves around the eyes, causing them to tear.

How To Prevent Crying When Cutting Onions

1. Use A Spoon. You won't cry if you put a spoon in your mouth while cutting your onion. It works because the chemicals link to the spoon's metal before reaching your eyes, preventing you from crying.

2. Get a piece of bread in your mouth. The sulfuric compounds that cause tears are absorbed by the bread before reaching ones eyes.

3.Chewing a gum. This prevents the entry of the irritants through the nose as you breath. This is because the mouth opens as you chew the gum.

4. Use a sharp knife and not a blunt one. A sharp knife has has little damage to onions cell as compared to blunt knife and hence less compounds are released.

Other methods including microwaving and freezing the onions before cutting.

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