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Top 5 Ways On How To Unblock a Blocked Nose Naturally and Quickly

Before we go further, it’s true that every one of us has at one point been infected by a cold. These cause a stuffy nose, mucus drips, coughing, mild aches, sore throat, fatigue and many more. Colds are caused by a virus that causes blood vessel inflammation in the sinuses. Indeed, a stuffy blocked nose can be embarrassing and a health concern. This is because most individuals sound funny when they talk, when you blow your nose, nothing comes out, etc. Despite the fact that there’s no perfect cure for colds, there are several home remedies that may lessen the symptoms. Furthermore, these home remedies do not have side effects. Below are ways How To Unblock a Blocked Nose Naturally and Quickly (Home Remedies)

1. Gargling.

It’s one of the oldest and best home remedies for a sore throat caused by a cold. Here, there are 2 main priorities for undertaking this procedure. First, you can gargle using warm water mixed with a teaspoon of salt. As well, you can gargle using warm water mixed with fresh lemon juice.

2. Drinking liquids.

Another best home remedy on how to unblock a blocked nose naturally and quickly is by drinking plenty of fluids. This aids in hydrating the body and hence may thin mucus. Apart from water, one may also drink lemon tea or ginger tea. This will aid in decongesting the chest and calm a sore throat. Similarly, consuming hot spicy soup may stimulate nasal drainage and make breathing easier. However, individuals with stomach ulcers should avoid this.

3. Hot Shower or Steam.

A hot shower is also a perfect home remedy for unblocking the blocked nose naturally and quickly. Also, one may cover his or her head with a towel and breath from the steam. Both the two methods soothe the nose and throat tissues making nasal drainage quick and ease in breathing.

4. Blowing the nose correctly.

Also, blowing the nose in an improper way may not be helpful in unblocking the blocked nose. Again, sniffing the mucus back up causes the ears to block. In short, the best way to blow the nose is to bar one nostril and blow the other nostril. Once done, repeat the same for the other nostril.

5. Honey.

Finally, utilizing honey especially for babies who are above 1½ years of age was found to lower night coughs. However, this should be used upon consulting your medical doctor in relation to the baby’s health records.

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