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Things You Should Never Eat if You Want to Live to 100

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You are what you eat they say. But how seriously do you take this? What you eat influences most aspects of your life. Whether you decide to eat only processed foods or what you think is healthy your body won’t take a long time to reveal that. Some people will respond by adding more weight to different diets, other people will respond by shredding body fats depending on the type of foods you decide to pick. 

Here are the things you should never eat if you want to live long;

1. Fried foods

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), fried foods are associated with heart issues and type 2 diabetes. Other studies also indicate that taking fried foods daily can shorten one’s life. The fried foods usually contain more fats than other foods that are not friend and when you eat fried foods mostly, you end up taking more fats that can be harmful to your health. 

2. Added sugars

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Taking foods that contain high contents of added sugars can expose one to diabetes and high blood pressure. These conditions can limit your chances of living a long life. It is advisable that you invest more in diets that have natural sugars that are healthy like fruits. 

3. Eating processed foods

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Processed foods usually contain high contents of sodium and fats to attract customers and making them tastier. The additives used can expose you to other diseases that can shorten your life like hypertension. According to Mayo Clinic, the saturated fats used in the preparation of these foods thicken the walls of your blood vessels resulting into high blood pressure. 

4. Red meat

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WHO notes that taking too much of red meat is linked with increased dangers of cardiovascular conditions and colon cancer that can lead to early death. The dangers could even be increased if they are processed to come up with sausages, hot dogs and canned meats. When processed to have those products, the processes always involve fermenting and salting that come with more risks. 

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