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Here is a Good News to Covid-19 Survivors, people who once tested positive for coronavirus

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Despite covid-19 continue to hit the world at a rapid rate, the survivors of the coronavirus are somehow protected. According to a study done in Cleveland Clinic, the researchers found that these people develop a stronger immunity conpared to the one acquired through vaccination. In other words, the infection leads to protection against the SARS-CoV-2 by providing a natural immunity to the body of the person infected.

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Therefore, vaccination should be done majorly to people who had not tested positive of the coronavirus. In addition, the survivors of covid-19 infection should be given only one dose of vaccination as a precautionary safety measure, though not necessary.

Again, the immunity from natural infection is long-lived, lasting up to 8 months. This makes it more effective than the one acquired from vaccination.


Would allow yourself to get infected to get a coronavirus natural immunity?

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