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OPINION: Why We Shouldn’t Squat Over the Toilet When We Pee

Public restrooms are not always spotlessly clean, if at all. In order to avoid making touch with the toilet seat when using a public restroom, we either hold it and give it a pass or go and hover over it. Even if it's a decent immediate fix, this behavior may eventually lead to other issues.

You might be at higher risk for urinary tract infections.

Your pelvic floor muscles are roughly 40% stiff and your bladder is not fully relaxed when you squat over the toilet to relieve yourself. Therefore, you'll likely still have some urine inside of you when you get up. That leftover urine can breed bacteria and increase the chance of developing a urinary tract infection.

You may experience the uncomfortable sensation of always needing to pee

You run the danger of unintentionally leaking urine if you have urine in your bladder then sneeze, jump, laugh, or cough. Additionally, it can irritate the bladder's inside, giving you the impression that you need to use the restroom more frequently or urgently than you actually do.

Your bladder can become weaker over time

You are not naturally using your pelvic muscles when you squat or hang over the toilet to urinate. Therefore, if you use the restroom in this manner frequently, you are in a way teaching your muscles not to relax, and over time, your bladder may weaken.

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