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Skin Care

4 Most Unusual People in the World.

Some people have some unusual features that make them one in a million. From the girl with a full beard to the scientist with a premature aging condition, here are the most unusual people on the planet.

1.) Iomikoe Woods

A girl named Iomikoe from Texas was diagnosed with nonstop segmental vitiligo at 24 years old. The rare condition caused her skin color to keep changing turning into white. Initially she wore makeup to hide it but she learnt to accept her new body and live with the disorder.

2.) Sammy Basso

Sammy is a scientist with a premature aging condition that makes him only 4 feet 6 inches tall and weighing only 44 pounds. He is one of the only 179 known cases in the world suffering from this disorder and has devoted his life to help find a cure for other people who might be battling the same problem.

3.) Larae Perkins

Perkins from USA already had full side burns by the time she was 12. Even though people continuously make fun asking about her gender, she has embraced her condition and has fully grown out her beard, encouraging other women with the same condition to accept themselves.

4.) Nicky Zahorcak

Nicky from Los Angeles had low chances of survival as he was diagnosed with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis at birth, a condition that causes his skin to blister and fall off. However, Nicky surpassed all expectations, as he is currently 24 years old living with the painful skin disorder.

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