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Here is Why You Should Eat Njahi Frequently

Black beans(Njahi) are in category of legumes. Like other legumes black beans are high in protein and fiber. They also contain Vitamins and minerals which are essential to human health. The minerals in Njahi can be of alot of benefits in the body like people who have chronic health conditions.

Helps to strengthen the bones.They are rich in calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper and zinc hence helps to strengthen the bones. If you have arthritis and your bones are weak you can eat Njahi Frequently to strengthen the bone muscles and make them healthy. People with blood pressure can feed on Njahi because they are low in sodium but high in potassium hence it lowers blood pressure which can lead to heart disease.

Helps in diabetes since it is High in fiber meaning can be consumed with people with type 1 diabetes to lower sugar. Diabetes can cause many problems to the body organs so by eating Njahi it can lower the blood sugar leading to reducing risks of diabetes.

Njahi can prevent cancer due to its selenium which is a mineral that is present only in black beans to detoxify the body from cancer-causing compounds found in the body. This selenium is only found in Njahi thus helps the body to damage cancer cells.Its high in fiber and foods high in fiber are friendly to the gut and bowel movement hence it might help in constipation.

Half a cup of Njahi gives you the daily protein needed in your body.

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