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Here is What Happens When You Eat Groundnuts (Njugu Karanga)

I am yet to meet someone who does not appreciate the goodness that is groundnuts. They are also known as peanuts or earthnuts. These are a great snack provided by mother nature herself.

Groundnuts are readily available and affordable too. They are loaded with health benefits, some of which just might surprise you. These will undoubtedly encourage you to snack on them often.

Groundnuts boost your memory. They contain Vitamin B3 and Omega 3, which enhance healthy brain function. So if you're trying to ensure your kids grow up healthier, try adding some peanuts to their cereal or ten o'clock snack!

Peanuts help with weight loss. Despite being rich in calories and healthy fats, they do not contribute to weight gain. They promote fullness to a greater extent meaning you tend to eat less. They contain insoluble dietary fiber that is linked to promoting weight loss.

They are also rich in thiamine that helps your body cells convert carbs into energy. This is essential for your heart, muscles, and nervous system.

Researchers agree that groundnuts reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease. Vitamin E and Omega 3 help lower bad cholesterol levels in the blood. This tends to develop plaque in blood vessels. This makes healthy blood circulation difficult.

They are known to promote healthy pregnancy. Groundnuts are rich in folic acid. Regular consumption throughout pregnancy minimizes the risk of incomplete development of the nervous system.

They also contain loads of protein which boost healthy hair growth. Research has revealed that regular intake of peanuts may cut the risk of gallstones and gall bladder removal.

Finally, groundnuts promote good mental health. They contain tryptophan which is essential for the production of serotonin. This is a hormone involved in mood regulation. When in reduced levels, it causes insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

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