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What government should avoid in trying to prevent the spread of the new Covid-19 variant

There are some steps that the government should not be taking when trying to mitigate or contain the spread of the new Covid-19 variant. Here are suggested few steps to avoid basing on the nature of the variant;

Don't impose restrictions

Except on indoor gatherings, this has been unsuccessful in trying to reduce infections in South Africa. Over the past 3 waves it has been going through despite the restrictions in South Africa. Research on sero-surveys indicates that 60-80 percent of the people were not protected once restrictions were imposed in South Africa.

Avoid domestic or international travel bans

The virus is not affected by banning of travel bans. It will spread irrespective of this as it has been the case in the past. This implies that imposing travel bans on a handful of the countries will not stop the import of the variant. Further, the virus disperses spontaneously across the globe unless a country is an island nation that shuts off the rest of the world.

Don't announce non-enforceable regulations

The government should not implement or enforce regulations that are not enforceable in the local context and pretend that people will simply adhere to them. Such restrictions might be; banning of alcohol sales, whilst being unable to effectively police the black market.

Don't delay vaccination of the older generation

The government should take the people aged 65 years a priority in vaccination, with an additional dose of the Pfizer vaccine after they've had two shots. The same should be extended to people with kidney transplants, people with cancer and on chemotherapy people with other sorts of underlying immuno-suppressive condition.

The government should not ignore the World Health Organisation's (WHO's) guidance which recommends booster doses of high risk groups.

Stop selling the concept of herd immunity

This does not seem to materialize but paradoxically undermines the vaccine confidence. The first generation vaccines are are highly effective in protecting against severe covid-19 but less predictably in protecting against infection and mild coronavirus due to waning of antibody though is very important but is unlikely to lead to herd immunity in our lifetimes.

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