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Health Issues That Technology Brings.

In the 21st century, the advent of technology has been tremendous, and almost unstoppable. Technology comes in many forms from computers to other extensive modern tools. Technology has been very instrumental in aiding business, health, transport, communication, and entertainment. It is almost impossible to do anything these days without the help of technology.

The modern world has enjoyed the benefits of technology but the negative effects are also menacing.

1. Insomnia.

The flooding of gadgets everywhere has made addiction to computers a big concern. Lack of sleep has skyrocketed especially among the younger generation who use more technology. Phones, laptops, computers, and televisions are some of the most addictive gadgets.

2. Anxiety.

Anxiety can be triggered by many agents and one of the common triggers is technology. social media sites can cause depression among individuals who compare themselves with others online.

3. Obesity.

The health problem can be genetic sometimes but a large part of it is attributed to the lifestyle of an individual. Urban areas are the most affected by this health complication because of the unfavorable environment. Lack of enough exercise.

4. Addiction.

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