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HIV Virus Is Not A Death Sentence. Doreen Says As She Celebrates 29 Years Of Living With The Virus.

Doreen Muracha is one of the most famous digital Influencer on Social Media who is also an activist. Doreen loves to educate people and to stop the HIV stigmatism associated with the Society. Doreen loves to fight for the rights of people living with HIV.

Doreen has never been afraid of coming out and talking about her HIV Status in public. Doreen revealed that she was actually born with HIV. Doreen was born in the year 1992. Doreen has been taking ARV drugs through out her life.

Doreen revealed that taking medication on a daily basis is one of the biggest hardships that one can endure. Doreen revealed that she and her mum had once stopped taking HIV ARV drugs after they went to Loliondo to take the glass that cures HIV.

Doreen revealed that they believed that she and her mum became negative after taking the Loliondo glass and were healthy. However Doreen Revealed that they really became so I'll and their viral load was so high. Doreen and her mum had to be on ARVS again.

Doreen loves to sensitize people on how to live with HIV. Doreen reveals that accepting your status is one of the best weapons of helping someone to move on.

Doreen is happy as she turned twenty nine years today. Doreen has revealed that she is so happy for having lived a healthy and happy life. Doreen wishes 29th year to be good for her. See screenshot of Doreen's post.

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