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If You Want To Master Your Mind, Read This:

1. Accept negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts flourish the more you try to deny them. Accept them for what they are which is simply thoughts.

2. Compose yourself with deep breathing.

Deep breathing forces your mind to slow down. Breath in for 5 seconds. Hold for 5 seconds. Release for 4 seconds

3. Recognise triggers.

This could be a person, place or experience. Prevention is better than cure. If you can take positive action on your triggers then act accordingly.

4. Let go of the past.

You can no longer control the past. Instead learn to focus on what you can control which is creating the best life you can.

5. Visualise the life you want.

Visualisation will allow your mind to prepare for what you want to achieve. The confidence you gain from this will lead you to take the appropriate action to reach your goals.

6. Reject negative self talk.

If you wouldn’t say it to your best friend or a loved one why then accept saying it to yourself ? You show people how to treat you.

7. Journal.

This one simple task will improve your entire life. Journaling allows the troubles of your mind to be emptied onto a page. This will also help you organise your thoughts and make it easier to take action on them.

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